Hi There!

I'm Geoff and this is the background story on why I created our new camping equipment hire business called ZENCAMP...we service South East Queensland from our Brisbane based headerquarters.

The ZENCAMP concept came about one afternoon when my wife was telling me to get rid of all of the camping gear that was clogging up our garage!

Inspiration struck and rather than selling perfectly serviceable, high quality equipment I decided to make it available for others to enjoy.

With an avid interest in camping and being in the outdoors, I have acquired a strong collection of camping equipment that is high quality and more then fit for the task of getting you in to the outdoors.

We stock quality products from manufacturer's such as Darche Outdoor, Dometic, Redarc, and OZTent just to name a few.

So why buy your own gear when you hire ours!  We pride ourselves on keeping our equipment in top working order.  All we ask is:

  • That you look after the equipment as if it were your own.
  • That you return our equipment in a clean/sanitary condition.
  • You talk to me directly about any concerns or complaints.

See you out there camping!